Friday, July 29, 2011

Stanislaus County Fair 2011

 My mother in law's birthday was last Tuesday, and originally we were going to go over to their house for a BBQ, but she decided that she wanted to go to the fair, which was more than okay for us!  I haven't been to the fair since I was little, so Matt and I had never been together, and obviously, Brooklynne had never been.

We got a free beach ball when we walked in, and B loved playing with it.

 Matt's always wanted to win something for me through one of the silly fair games.  We like giraffes, and I saw one of these being carried by someone when we walked into the fair, so I told Matt that I wanted him to win one for Brooklynne and me.  We found the game that had the giraffes, and it was the one where you have to throw the hoop around the ducks neck, but the ducks were moving around in a circle in water.  It was one try for $2, or three for $5.  He said he was only going to try once, and he did it!  I was so impressed, and Brooklynne loves the giraffe, she was trying to eat its ears the whole evening (she does try to eat everything these days, though).

Brooklynne enjoyed looking at all the animals, and wanted to cuddle with this super fluffy bunny!

I was very impressed with Brooklynne, this is the only time she slept the whole evening, and we didn't leave until 11:45.  She never got fussy the entire time.  She hung out in her stroller or in our arms, and watched all the lights, and took all the craziness in.  I'm not a fan of keeping her out that late, but once in a while, it's fun, but I'm thankful she didn't get upset.

Matt and his brothers are very silly.

They hung out and waited for us while I fed Brooklynne, and then we got funnel cakes...oh yum!!

Matt and I have very wide eyes, and Brooklynne looks like a doll in this picture.

Matt loved having Brooklynne there with us.  

I love these photo booth pictures, and have wanted to take them with Matt for a long time, and we got the chance on Friday.  It took a lot of asking to get Matt to take them with me, and but once the pictures came out (he said the three minutes it takes to print them felt like 10) he was so glad we did it, because they're so cute!  Look at that precious little girl, I love how she's looking at me in the last shot.  
We had such a fun time, and I hope we an make this an annual thing!

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  1. looks like you guys had fun. Love the photo booth pics, so stinkin' cute & one for the baby book. Brooklynne is getting so big & she is super adorable :)