Friday, May 13, 2011

B and B

No, I'm not talking about Bed and Breakfast, even though Matt and I would some day love to open a bed and breakfast, I'm talking about Brooklynne and Barley.  These two are pals, and we've been so pleased with how well Barley has adjusted to Brooklynne being in the house.  The first week that she was here he was super nervous.  He has always done this thing where he chews on blankets without making holes in them, but it's usually only in the evening, however, during her first week, he was chewing on the blankets all day long.  He loves to lick her face, so we try to keep that to a minimum,  but it's so cute watching them together!  I grew up with cats, and since they are very independent animals, I was never super close to any of them, but I knew when we adopted Barley two years he would definitely be an important part of our family.  We are so thankful that Barley is so good with her, and that we didn't have to give him to my parents when she was born!

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