Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

This year was the very first time I got to celebrate Mothers Day as a mom, and it was fun!  My parents came over at around 8:30, and Mom and I made breakfast (pancakes, sausage and fruit...yumm!!).  Then my sister, brother in law and their two boys got here at about 9:15 and we ate.  Since we live less than a mile from church, we walked over together, I love walking to church!

She's the reason I got to celebrate Mothers Day!

My sister is one of the most amazing moms I know, and my mom is THE most amazing mom I will ever know, and I am so blessed to be her daughter!

Not only am I extremely blessed to have an absolutely incredible mother, but my mother in law tops all other mothers in law, her kindness and love is amazing, and always apparent.  This is also her first Mothers Day as a Grandma, and she is such a terrific Grandma!  Brooklynne is so blessed to live 2 miles from her Grandma, and I hope they always have a very close relationship.
Since my mom is from Wisconsin, and my dad is from New York, I didn't get to know my grandmas very well, but Matt's Grandma has always treated me as a granddaughter, and I am blessed to be able to call her Grandma!!

My pretty mothers day flowers.

 I thought I'd add this fantastic picture of our family!! 

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