Monday, May 23, 2011

B's first wedding: Ty and Ashleigh Caskey

Brooklynne got to go to her very first wedding this past weekend, and we had so much fun.  Ashleigh is Brittany's sister and she married Ty Caskey on Saturday at a beautiful wedding.

Matt held her during the ceremony, and said she was super wriggly, so he stood in the back.  It was at a winery in Manteca that was gorgeous!  The backyard has this huge pond and fountain with a beautiful seating area.

Brooklynne looked so pretty in her fun dress and new bow!

My beautiful family at the reception, I am such a blessed wife and mommy!

Our family (Matt's parents, brothers, and us) were the only ones who danced the entire was so much fun, but it would have been so nice if more people had joined in on the dancing fun.

The place was absolutely gorgeous, and we had so much fun looking around and exploring a bit.

They hired us to make the wedding cake, and I really enjoyed this one.  I baked all day Thursday, and frosted the cake on Friday, and I was nervous that B wasn't going to let me get as much done in time...she slept more than normal on Friday which gave me the opportunity to get a lot done during the day, and I really appreciated it.  Matt's parents watched her while we delivered the cake, and I'm super thankful they were able to, because it would have been difficult to set up the cake while holding B.  

I neglected to bring a warm blanket with us for B, I only brought a thin receiving blanket.  Luckily I had some extra clothes in her diaper bag, so we put together an awesome, clashing outfit.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and I'm so glad we were invited!!

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