Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday {2}

Well, we're to our second Menu Plan Monday, but this week's a little different.  If you read my last post you know that I'm out of town for the week, and Matt's home alone (with the dog).  Even though I won't be home with him this week, I still made a menu, and this is the first time I've ever done that for him.  Other times when I've been gone for more than a day I've just asked him to go to his parents house to eat, otherwise he'd have cereal for every meal.  But last week I planned ahead and got a few things into the freezer for him so he'd be set for the week.  I made burritos, taquitos, pizza rolls, muffins, and I picked up some breakfast things because I ran out of time.  So here's his menu for the week:



Pizza Rolls
Salad (wishful thinking)



I know it's a super repetitive menu, but it's something and I know that he'll be eating, and it's all stuff he can throw in the microwave when he gets home so late.  

Matt's not too keen on packing his own lunch, so if I don't, he'll just pick up McDonald's or In N' Out, which can cost us $15-$30 a week, which is not cool.  I'm fine with him getting lunch out once a week because he really does enjoy it, but just not ever day!  To encourage him to pack a lunch I prepped the snacks for his lunch box, so even if he doesn't make a sandwich, he has enough food in their to hold him over till he gets home (again, wishful thinking).  Here it is:

He has M&M's, a granola thin, nuts, crackers, cookies and a juice mix, and under it all is a napkin with a note written on it (he refers to them as napkin notes), and yes I did write a note for each day.

Here's all of his snacks lined up, and I'm so glad it's done...maybe I'll keep doing this, it would help cut down on lunch prep time.  

Anyways, I hope you get some inspiration for meal planning on lunch box prep from this, but if you don't, I know my hubs is benefitting!!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I'd love it if you would share your pizza roll recipe!