Thursday, March 29, 2012


Our Wednesday was great, Brooklynne slept until 8:30, so we got up and had breakfast.  She actually took a morning nap so I got to watch the news (oh cable, you're so distracting).  

Since it wasn't as windy today as it has been the past few days, we put our swim suits on 

and walked down to the sand.

cutest little booty ever!

She loved looking at our shadows.

We went to Sprinkles Cupcakes and got some yummy treats 

And then had an unhealthy dinner tonight, which Brooklynne obviously enjoyed.

I put her down for bed at 7:15 (her typical bedtime is 8:30) and she fell asleep so fast, but her naps have been so sporadic since we've been here.  I want to say that hopefully they'll be better today, but I think that's wishful thinking.

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