Friday, March 2, 2012


I was blessed with the opportunity to bring dinner to my friend Mallory yesterday evening!  Mallory is in part of my MOPs group and she is super nice, she has an almost 2 year old and she just had a little boy.  My MOP's group uses a website called Take Them a Meal to plan who brings our moms meals, and it is so brilliant, you just go on the page to sign up to bring the family a meal (or to register a new momma).  There's so much organization to it, and it even emails you two days before the date you picked.  

Anyways, enough of that, here's what I brought:

I made BBQ chicken sandwiches (and buns), homemade potato salad, baked beans, creamed corn, apple pies, and banana blueberry muffins (for the morning)

They said that they really enjoyed everything!  I also brought a little present for their older son and their new little man.  What a wonderful ministry to bring another family a meal, I should be doing it a lot more often!  

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