Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

We've been in Newport Beach all weekend, and it has been so much fun.  My aunt and uncle are out of town for the week so they asked if I could come and be at the house with my great aunt so she'd always have someone here.  My mom, Matt, Brooklynne and I left on Friday evening at 7 and drove down here to Southern California.

Brooklynne's got her backpack on and she's all ready to start our road trip!

B found some seaweed, and didn't want to let it go.

Girl loves her some daddy time!!

Someone likes Hawaiian Sweet Rolls...but can you blame her much?

I'm not joking when I say that I didn't not pose this at all, this is all them.

Love her face.

the after-roll mess.

Brooklynne loves doggies!

We hung out at my aunt and uncles for the morning and then our great friends, Brandon and Kim came over.  We went to Fashion Island, which is where I worked when I lived here.  There's a bakery there that I love and I really wanted a croissant from them, but everything on their menu was really expensive, so we got Wahoo's Fish Tacos instead.
She was pretty fussy during our lunch, but ate anyways.

precious girl.

Brooklynne's making a funny face, but it was the only picture that came out well.

Matt and Brandon playing smash ball.

On Sunday, we hung around in the morning, then went on a walk because Brooklynne wasn't wanting to nap, so we went to Starbucks (shocking).  On our way back it started raining like crazy, and it was super windy, so we tried to run back but the wind was so strong.  It's been raining all afternoon, but it's supposed to clear up around 4 am, and it should be clear and in the 60's all week, yay!!  

I will try to post this week about what Brooklynne and I are doing, or at least some pretty beach pictures for you all!!

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