Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our Tuesday was a little less eventful than our Monday.  Since we're not at home Brooklynne isn't sleeping all that well, and being int he same room as me does not help her.  The door knob to our room squeaks whenever it's opened or closed, so as soon as I went into the room last night to go to bed, she woke up.  I had to nurse her to get her back to sleep, but she slept until 7:30 this morning.  I love being able to get up at 7:30 and not be tired, unlike at home when I'm tired 24/7.  Waking up to the waves and going upstairs to enjoy my coffee and watch the ocean is absolutely amazing, this week is so what I needed!

Since Brooklynne wasn't wanting to take a nap, I took her on a walk, but she still didn't want to go to sleep so we picked up some donut holes.  They were 10 cents each, so we bought 10...B had three, which meant that I ate seven donut holes...crazy me!!

she loves anything with her mama.

This is how we stroll.

Our view along the walk.

oh hi, pumpkin.

Free to run after she got out of the stroller.

She's so fun!

We went outside to enjoy the beach, and because she still wasn't going down for a nap, but it was way too windy, Brooklynne wasn't too keen on it. 

Lindsay's dog, Cous Cous follows her around all day, and she loves it.

Dinner time, all the dogs are just waiting for B to drop something.

I made cookies tonight for dessert and of course, my kid loved them.

love her.

That was our Tuesday...we'll see what Wednesday brings us.

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