Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Sick, that is what the little girl has been for a little more than a week now.  My birthday (27) was last Thursday and my in-laws came over for dinner on Friday and Brooklynne was crabby all evening, and had been warm all day.  So after some prodding from my MIL, I went to Target and get some baby ibuprofen to help B with the fever.  She was happier after I gave it to her, and slept well that night.  She was lethargic all day Saturday and Sunday, so we didn't go to church, just kept her home and tried to make sure she got naps on time and often.  On Monday morning her fever was down, so I didn't call the doctor, but Monday afternoon it was back (never over 100.9), so I called the doctor and scheduled an appt for Tuesday morning.  I had to work that night and it was a very hard night for all three of us.  I was worried all night and Matt didn't get much sleep because he had to get up 3 times with her and luckily was able to get some whole milk in her.  Tuesday morning we went to the doctors at 8:30, which is very early for me considering I got off at 4:30 and fell asleep around 6.  She ended up having bronchitis and an ear infection.  Her doctor put her on amoxicillin for the ear infection, but the bronchitis just has to take it's course.  She's been stuck at home almost all week, which she hasn't been too keen on, but it's been raining all week too.  She's on the mend, but still would prefer to nurse for all her meals (luckily I've been able to produce enough).

Now onto this weekend.  Saturday morning I went to the gym while Matt stayed home with B, and when I got home I made St. Patrick's Day brunch for us!

Rainbow fruit and a plate of gold (eggs)
Shamrock Pancakes

Barley was really wanting to be in the kitchen with us for brunch.

Saturday afternoon I made a loaf of bread using this recipe, and it was AMAZING!!!

Brooklynne loved having Matt home all day long.

She also stole his phone on multiple occasions. 

I picked up these for Brooklynne and me from the grocery store...I love gerbers!!!

Wearing our green.

Sunday, B and I skipped church again because she took a nap, and when Matt got home we went to the Camilia Show at Gallo Winery, this is either our third or fourth year going, and we love it every time.
These are some of my favorites they had on display.

I got a lot more pictures than that, I just wasn't sure how many pictures of camilia's everyone wanted to look at.

Brooklynne was a champ riding in the ergo for a few hours.


I had never seen an albino peacock before, it was gorgeous.

Afterwards we headed to The Ice Cream Company and hot sundaes...MMMM!!
Brooklynne really wasn't okay with daddy taking her coloring paper away.

Berry Sundae for mom and dad and Banana Split for Matt and me!!!  It was so good!!


She was slightly annoyed that she couldn't get into the creamer.

We had such a wonderful weekend, and I'm so thankful that Brooklynne is getting better.
Now to start another work week...ugh, it always comes so quickly.  

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