Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Update

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Matt didn't get home till late on Friday night, so I kept Brooklynne up a little later so that she could spend some time with him.  Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for B's 1 year pictures, and drove out to an orchard with my friend Giana and took some pictures, here's one of my favorites from the shoot:

We had so much fun taking pictures, Matt stayed for the family pictures in the beginning but then had to go to work for a few hours, so we got the pictures of Brooklynne, but I'll post those later!

My mom came out on Saturday afternoon to spend some time with us and to celebrate my birthday (March 8).  We were in the backyard having snacks when she got there, so she joined us.

Matt decided to give Brooklynne a popsicle, and she, of course, loved it.  She had purple sticky liquid dripping down her face, arms, and legs.

A friend of mine recently moved her cake shop to a place where she can have a retail area as well, so she was having a grand opening celebration, which meant she had tons of free mini cupcakes for people to come in and enjoy!!  Let me tell you, Brooklynne sure did enjoy them (bad mama giving her kid so much sugar, but we eat really well at home)!!  


I only allowed her to eat 2 cupcakes, which really upset her that I wouldn't let her have more, but she got over it when we gave her some raspberries.  My mom loved being able to go with me, and we stopped at a thrift store on the way home to pick up some new pants for her.
That night Matt helped me find my wedding ring which had fallen off the counter and I didn't know where it bounced to, so of course, B wanted to help Daddy look through all the paper recycling.

She decided that she wanted to get in the shoe box from Matt's new shoes, and she kept trying to close it, but wasn't able to get it closed, for obvious reasons.

I took my mom to my Piloxing (standing pilates, boxing, and dance=amazing) class on Sunday morning, which was wonderful.  We stopped at Starbucks on the way home, which was delicious, then got ready for church.

Since we live a half mile from our church, we really enjoy walking when the weather is nice, and my mom loves walking no matter what the weather is.  So since the weather was absolutely glorious, we walked, and it was so nice!

I love my mom!!

B loves Nana!!

Brooklynne loved the fries and cheeseburger she ate at Mimi's on Sunday afternoon

Someone found the ketchup.

But didn't feel a need to dip her fries when she could just dip her fingers.

We shared the birthday dessert they brought for me, and it really was the perfect amount for all three of us, even though it was a single serving!

I'm so glad my mom got to come out to visit, it was so wonderful to spend time with her!!  What a blessing to have such a wonderful mom and nana and role model!!


  1. I love that family picture!!! You have such a beautiful family. I saw all the pictures you posted on facebook and all of them are so great.

  2. Love that family photo! She is just so darn cute I can hardly handle it!