Wednesday, August 31, 2011

28 Weeks Old

Brooklynne is 28 weeks old today....eeeek, crazy!  
She rode in the grocery cart like a big girl for the first time today, and loved it!  She wanted to play with my phone and glasses the entire time.  
Before leaving for Missouri, she was waking up once at night, and now that we're back she's been waking up twice at night.  We're working on breaking her of that and it's not the funnest thing, but it will be worth the crying once she's sleeping through the night again.  
Her favorite thing lately (or it seems like it) is to grab my neck while I'm holding her in front of me, and OHMYGOODNESS, it hurts so bad!  I can have just clipped her nails, but it's like she's pinching me super hard!

And because all good photo shoots have a few outtakes, here you go:

As always, she's the cutest thing ever, and I love time with her, and I'm so blessed to be home with her all day!

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  1. oooooh she's cute as a button!
    love the way you spell her name!

    new follower! :)