Monday, August 8, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

So, I don't know if you've heard of Pinterest yet, but you should probably join it if you're not on it yet.  It's a website where you can create your own "pin boards" to save things you like.  For example, I have a pin board for B's birthday party, things I want to craft, ideas for my BIL's wedding, and a few other boards as well.  When I see something I like online, I press "pin it" on my browser and I can pin a specific picture to a specific board.  No more making more folders on my browser to put crafts, recipes, and other stuff in, I just pin it to the specific board, which gives me a picture and links back to the post I got the picture from.  I have a link to the right -------> to get to my Pinterest page.

Anyways, a blog I read Young House Love is having a "Pinterest Challenge" to encourage people to actually make something that they've pinned in a board, so I decided to take them up on the challenge and make something.  I have been loving the look of pennant flags and pinned this picture. 

I thought I had pinned another picture, but I can't find it at all.  It was a painted frame with a page from a book in it and two small birds drawn on it.  Well the piece I came up with was a combination of the two of them:

I bought the frame from The Goodwill and painted it with some aqua acrylic paint I had.  The flags are made from paint chips from Home Depot that I sewed together.  I took the page out of Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, I had originally wanted to get Grapes of Wrath, but they only had new copies, and I didn't want to destroy a new copy.  This is a birthday gift for my sister, Juli, she is basing her thesis off of John Steinbeck's works and mainly using Grapes of Wrath for it.  I hope she likes it!!  

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